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Vampire Diaries Fans Start Petition Asking Julie Plec, The CW to Support Klaroline — Exclusive Details



hell yeah!

OMG!! KLAROLINE wooohoooo!!!! so excited!!! it’s the first episode of watching TVD again!! klaroline rocks!


The Vampire Diaries Survey #1

1. How did you discover the show? while reviewing for the CPA board and got tired of reviewing i flipped channel after channel and since there’s nothing good just settled for the ETC channel and TVD was on. I was ambivalent at first about the whole show and then I saw Damon and fell in love with his smoulder.aaaah

2. Who’s your favorite character(s)? Klaus and Caroline (Damon was my first fave)

3.Who’s your least favorite character? ELENA!

4. If you were vampire would you live of human or animal blood? wouldn’t mind trying both

5. Team Stefan or Damon? DEFAN

6. What’s your favorite supernatural power?  Compulsion

7. If you were to be a character who would you be?Either Klaus or Bonnie or Elena since everybody seems to be bending over backwards to save her life must be nice to live as everybody’s “golden vagina”

8. Have you read the book series? Nope!

9. Who’s your crush on the show? Klaus

10. What was your first initial thought of the show and did it change after you saw it? A Twilight wannabe/poser show. Yes I liked it because of Klaus and Caroline and now with JP’s utterly horrible writing my dislike for the show has been redefined to a more painstaking level.

11. Who was your favorite villain? Klaus

The Vampire Diaries Survey #2

Elena or Katherine? Neither

Stefan or Damon? Damon

Elena or Bonnie? Neither

Bonnie or Katherine? Neither

Elena or Caroline? Caroline.

Bamon or Delena? Neither. 

Stelena or Steferine? Stelena 

Steferine or Kalijah? NEITHER

Daroline or Steroline? Steroline as friends because Caroline only belongs to Klaus and Klaus alone!

Tyler or Mason? Mason

Anna or Vicky? Anna

Tonnie or Bamon? neither

stelena or Delena? Stelena!

Books or show? I say show because I’ve never read the books

Jenna or Isobel? Jenna, gosh I miss her

Caroline: vampire or human? Vampire

Lexi or Rose? Lexi

Bonnie or Caroline? Caroline! 

Endgame?  Klaroline

Beremy or Delena? Neither

Stebekah or Debekah?  STEBEKAH.

Mabekah or Stebekah? Mabekah

Elijah or Klaus? Klaus!

Klaroline or Forwood? Klaroline (i ship it in the afterlife)

Forwood or Daroline or Steroline? Steroline (again as friends nothing more)

Rebekah or Caroline? Caroline

Kol or Damon? Kol!

Elena: Vampire or Human? Neither either way she sucks!

Favourite Season? Season 3! KLAROINE and Klaus <3


AU protective Klaus [requested by anonymous]

AU meme: When two of Klaus’ unsired hybrids kidnap and torture Caroline, he goes to rescue her. Later, when he cures her from a bite she received in the crossfire, he promises himself not to let anything happen to her again.

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